Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

From Chameleon to Ascot : Moving out,moving in!Many pics!!

Now,that I lived in the beautiful Chameleon for a while,I decided to move the inserts to the Ascot!
Why the heck...?Because I made some overwhelming deviders,that better fit the Ascot!
I gave it a try...and...aaaah,take a look at the result ;o)
 Made some beautiful stardust deviders  : Stardust stack/ DCWV
 just because the paper is a bit too thin,I laminated the deviders.....
 My special pocket-devider :o)) .... beautiful thing!
 Here we come to my diary-section....

 And this section belongs to my sweet little boys!

 This paper I almost refused to cut,because it is so beautiful (top)

The chapters/sections are the same as I had in the beautiful Chameleon....

 This one was loved for a long time by somebody ....
Now,it is loved by me ;o)

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