Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

My youtube videos :o)

In  Novembre 2012 I made my first youtube video.
I was really surprised,how many videos existing,about Filofaxes!Soooo...because I am not shy,I decided to give it a try!
My very first try was a ... desaster :o))I filmed with my tablet-pc,not knowing,that it is possible to film and watch myself on the screen,too!So...I talked and filmed,and talked...and made kind of a "breast-video"!!Without face,just the very top of the Filofax *lalala*
In Germny we say : "Frauen und Technik" ;o))

The first one was about the Finchley A5,the Holborn,the pocket Malden and pocket Finchley...
And while I recorded the "breast-video",my Babycat Coco was sitting on the shelf behind me and touseled my hair....

I filmed another one about the Malden A5 "Miss Piggy" and the A5 Chameleon....

And one about the cute little pocket Chameleon

Personal Malden on stage :o))

Hope you`ll enjoy!

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

The Maldens...Miss Piggy!

When I was going to order my Finchley A5 from the German Filofax-site,I clicked the Malden A5 again and again...but the Finchley was 50% less priced and I never had a Filofax before....
Now,during the "Christmas-Powershopping -Area",I recognized,that they sold out the vintage pink ones at "Karstadt" in Hamburg.First I got just a pocketsized Finchley for my Mom - and drove home....
You can imagine...I WASN`T ABLE TO SLEEP ANYMORE*LOL* There were 3 Malden A5`s took a week for me to get there again,because I had to work and my boys were sick,so my Mom was sitting them,while I went to work.At least I need 1,5 hours time to get there&back.It was not possible.
When I made it to "Karstadt" I was sure that there`s not a single Malden left - but they were still there!!
They were priced 69 EUR,but at the counter I just had to pay 59!!!
This one has a nice leather.The other 2 had this sort of "plastic-finish",that I don`t like at all(my pocketsize shows that...).
The colour...I don`t really like the vintage-pink-colour.Soooo...
Let me introduce you to : "MISS PIGGY" :o))

 Miss Piggy keeps my Stabilo-pens(in the zip-pocket),my postcards ...............
 and my selfmade deviders and templates .....................................
 and A LOT of new to-do-sheets,for my working-Filo....................
 She`s my creative-Filo,I guess......................

 Here in comparison....look at the leather - do you know what I mean?
 My Mom brought me this nice zipped pocket from Usbekistan :o)
When there were 3 A5`s .....Malden,Finchley&lovely Chameleon....... :o)))

Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

The RIGHT personal size :o)

After choosen the wrong personal sized binder,I thought that the personal size is simply not my size.
That I was mistaking was coming up,when I melted away by seeing the Malden personal in ochre colour.
I - just - needed - it !!!
I don´t have to make it fit to my needs - the Malden fullfilled my needs right away *swooooosh*
It is soooo adorable :o))
I stuffed it to the brim...bought me a Hamburg map(that I always wanted...),got me a buisiness-range-calender...made new deviders,which I laminated.
I love the zip-pocket on the left side,because there is NO penloop in the way*juhuuuu*

I found some beautiful things from "Rosina Wachtmeister": The ballpen,the magnetic-clip...
And it matches my Chameleon soooo gooood!

Another cute little thing...

Another cute,little thing took place in my heart : A pocketsize Chameleon,in raspberry!
Guess it was the dark,dark Wintertime,that made me longing for a brighter colour :o)
Anyway...I saw it in a shop,held it in my hands - and fell in love :o))

And : It is NOT too girlie :o)

Personal size...

After a couple of month using my A5 Finchley,I decided to get me a smaller binder,that I can take with me,when I am not working - because the A5 is HEAVY!!!
I almost studied Filofax-sites,Ebay,watched billions of youtube videos - and finally got me the wrong binder:
A Holborn/personal in wine.
Ok,the leather is very,very soft.It has phantastic pockets,BUT: I don`t like the penloop on the side,where the zipped pocket is hidden.The pen is soooo in the way :o(
And...I guess red is simply not me.

I`m still holding on to it,because it feels so phantastic,but one day I will sell it to someone who loves it.

Who showed up next...?

The next cute,little thing that took place in my bag : A Malden in pocketsize :o)
It should have been a Christmas present for my Mom - but she prefers a black one :o)
So...I decided not to send it back*hahahaaaa*

How it all began...

It all began,when my lovely Finchley A5/chocolate arrived!I was looking for a nice binder,that can hold all the stuff that I need for my work (I am a Physiotherapist).
I use the buisiness-range-calender,because I need a half hour-sceduled calender for my work...

 The selfmade devider,with a pocket on the backside,keeps the letters,that I have to send...

 I love the mesh-pocket,cause I can see what`s inside :o)

The Finchley is the best,that happend to me :o))