Montag, 12. August 2013

Another Gillio...the darkbrown Compagna :o))

As you already know : I am absolutely crazy for planners...especially for the Gillio-label ;o)
So...I tried to hide my creditcard,but still rembered the place.
I told myself that I really don`t need another medium size,but the truth is so simple : I do!I am collecting,so I will always need another,cause that`s what it is all about,right??? *gg*
I am trying to slim down my Filofax-collection a bit,to get another Gillio - that`s how it works ;o))
I was really lusting for another epoca Compagna,so here it is :

                                                        THE DARKBROWN COMPAGNA :o)

                                          It has a beautiful buttery-soft leather :o))

                                              I did the famous "Gillio-scratch-test"several times - and it works GREAT!!

                                    ...usually I place a postcard right here...but I didn`t found a matching one yet ;o)
                                             ....but here :oD
                                              The setup is always the same.......
                                             It is a rich colour,very,very niiiice :o))

The clasp is a bit lighter coloured than the rest of the binder...
but I bet it will darken up very quickly!
                                                         PRETTY STUFFED!!!!

                                          ... CAN YOU SMELL THE LEATHER...???

                                                        Two Compagnas :oD

                             I must admit that the others have a little more give,than the darkbrown ;o)

                                                          ... Planner-dance *gg*

                                                 I am really in love with my planners :o))