Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Magic-blue Gillio :o))

When I was on holiday in Denmark we had horrable weather on a couple of days...
And we had free internet in our house ..... ..... ;o)
Ja,what should I say..?In that time,I saw the WONDERFUL blogpost from "thoughtsandexploration"...
maybe it was because of the weather...I wanted a blue sky,a blue moon..?The wanting was soooooo bad,I couldn`t resist.
And here is my "Blue"

It was soooo lovely packed...the inserts came extra,wrapped in beautiful paper...

The thing with the is a gorgeous colour,but I am not a "blue-girl" at all.When it arrived I thought:"Oh,pretty!",but it wasn`t love at first sight...
You really have to use it,because it has so many different faces!!Sometimes it just looks like "jeans"...

Then the magic started on me...on a hot summer day,I visited a stroke-patient at home,and he told me that he don`t wanted any physiotherapie that day,just sit somewhere in the shadow and we sat in the beautiful garden,the sky was bright blue...we found a very pretty place to sit and talk,in the shadow...I don`t know why I picked up my Gillio,but it kind of started to brighten up,like in looked soooo magically!!

This blue binder + the fuchsia Gillio are unbelievable soft...chalky,somehow...?You can`t stop touching ;o))

So...on the photo with Gillio-guard "Coco",the Gillio looks like jeans...on the chair,THAT`S what I mean!

....and here is a sign,what my next upcoming post might be about ;o))

Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

London-meeting :o))

Oh,I am sooooo exited!!!!
Mella (Gillio-Mella...the most enabling person in this whooooole wide universe...) enabled me to make a real short trip to London in September!!!YAY!!!I kinda jumped on the train - and it will be my first time since 4 years,that I will be away from home,without my children :o)) Okay,it is a short one...I will fly friday morning and will return on saturday,late evening...but I am EXITED to meet all those people that seem sooooo familar to me!!!Just can`t wait :o))

Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

Personal Balmoral No.2 :o))

Let me introduce you to my newest Balmoral family-member :
A personal Balmoral in "tan" :o))

A friend in the "Filofax for Philofaxy Fans - forum"(on facebook) asked me if it was me,who was looking for this binder...because she found one,on a danish website - priced 150 DK-Kroner = ca.20 EUR :o))
Sure : It was me :o))
Funny thing: She was going on vacation...and she was driving through Germany!So we met at the Autobahn,to have a little Filo-talking,a coffee...and I got my Balmoral *YAY!!!*
It was soooo nice!!!I will never forget this!!!
                                    I tried the inserts of my aqua Chameleon in this binder ;o)
                                          So many wonderful pockets!!!
                                          Now the tan-Balmoral found a whole family.......

Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Gillio Compagna medium size in "fuschia" :o))

This is a VERY female planner,I guess the most female planner in my collection:

The Croco Compagna Medium in "fuschia" : TADADADAAAAAAAA :o))

I had to give my beautiful,lovely,wonderful smelling,absolutely gorgeous black/orange Gillio a little rest....
and moved into my smooth,colourful,bright,female,so-soft-to-touch fuschia Gillio,that I named "Peony"...
because there are sooo many crazy planner people out there who are giving names to their binders,that I felt the need to give this Beauty a name,too ;o)

I love this patch of leather in this Compagna....but I need a beautiful picture when I open the binder ;o)

Again I decided to try various postcards from the "VOQUE postcard stack" ....

My sections......never change a running system ;o))
My first tab is "INFO": Personal info ;o)

The second tab is "Diverses".Includes a clear envelope,german holliday-planner,my weekly scedule...

 The third tab is my calendar-section,which includes different calendars :

The 4 th tab : My To-dos!!Very,very important,especially for my job ;o))

The 5 th tab : Notes...I love this postcard for that section ;o)

The adress-section...I used a top-tab from Gillio for that and took the a-z tabs out,because it got way too stuffed!!!

...but I am using a selfmade/laminated "marker" to get easily to the phonenumbers of my patients ;o)

I am using just the adress pages from Gillio,without a-z-tabs....

And at the end of the inserts,untabbed,I keep the pouches,the GORGEOUS map and my cards...

The Compagna has lots of wonderful + functional pockets,which I love,love,love!!!

And now some more " SUPER-ENABLER-PICS" ......... heheheheheeeeeee :o))

And some more....because this wonderful female binder already has a male friend ;o)

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;o))

Awe,I can`t stop looking at them :o))
I hope you enjoyed this picture-heavy-post :o))