Freitag, 25. Oktober 2019

Gillio - the muppet-edition/printed ostrich

Hi planner people!

Runners know the "runners-high",we Gillio-lovers just experienced the "planner-high"!
What happened?
Gillio had a whole order of a new leather gone wrong.
They ordered samples,which were just beautiful when they arrived.And so they ordered many squaremetres of different coloured hides,in that beautiful ostrich print.
Usually Ben flies over,to do the quality check of the leather,but the company assured,that they do the final quality control by themselves.
So the leather was sent to the artisans in Firenze - and they did what they always do:Sewing beautiful planners.
Sadly it turned out that there was no flawless planner,when the boxes arrived.
Also the test-planners showed flaws that happened during short time of use:Cracking and peeling.Not too bad in my opinion,but....yep.

I was sent a pink ostrich print A6 Compagna.Susan received a purple and Steve got a green ostrich print planner.
First I was not too impressed,because I have never been a friend of ostrich prints,and the colour-patches did not appeal to me.I told Susan:"It looks like a sick pig!" (omG,lol!!)....and so she posted a picture showing the Muppets : Miss Piggy(pink),Gonzo(purple)and Kermit(green)in our facebook-admin-chat...and the Muppet-edition was born.
I must say that I never noticed the cracks on a stressed leather part,until Mella invited us into a video chat,to inform us about the "desaster".
The question was to save the planners and sell for 40% off....or to destroy them officially.
So....they went online for 40%!!
And I caved!!!
The darkbrown = Rowlf
The caramel = Fozzie
The blue = Cookie Monster

 The B6 Appuntos in dark brown (Rowlf) and light blue (Cookie Monster):

 You can also use the Mini Happy Planner inside the B6 Appunto.You only need to trim down the backcover/the laminated brim a tiny bit.

 The A6 Appunto in the caramel brown (Fozzie)

 ...I prefer the Stalogy over the Hobonichi ;-)
 The choclate yumminess: The pocketsize XL Compagna!

 Look at the cutest flyleaf!!

 The A6 Compagna in the light pink (Miss Piggy)

 Medium Amica/bubblegum,ostrich print/Miss P.and Mini Mia Cara in rosewood mat croco!
 The flaws.....some cracking/left bottom edge,where I really stressed the leather,because I stuffed it badly and tested it hardchore over 7 weeks.I would usually NEVER treat my planner that way!!
 Grey spots,can also be small cracks.Looks as if the surface of the machine,which "embosses"the print,had some dirt/dust on it....I don't really notice it.

One tiniest "hole"...maybe a small crack...?

The dark brown XL pocketsize had some reaaally dry areas.I moistured it 4 times until now - and finally it starts feeling good.

I think this was a very good deal for us Gillio-lovers.
The ostrich print is hard wearing,easy to clean,soft to touch and beautifully made.

Thank you team Gillio to ask the admins of the Facebook-group,to help with your desicion,to destroy or sell it on.
OH!!I need to leave this here: NO LIFETIME WARRANTY ON THIS PLANNERS!!!!
The light pink A6 Compagna was gifted to me,the rest I bought from my own money.

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019

Galen Leather at the penshow in Hamburg!

Hello my dear planner-buddies!

Today was the first time,that I visited a penshow - and it was phantastic.
I was so overwhelmed,that I totally forgot to take pictures!!!
A few days before I already contacted my dear facebook-friend Kasia Michalowska-Stier,who is restoring and selling vintage fountain pens.
You might want to check out her website,if you are into fountain pens:
You can also find her in the international fountain pen groups on facebook.
She had her booth up there and I bought one of her wonderful pens....I would have bought more than 2,but I need to win the lottery first :-D

Galen Leather also had a booth up there!
How often did I visit their shop in the past,or drooled over pics on IG,especially their pencases.
And here you go:
(please excuse my fingers...this was an inky afternoon!!)

 This small 5-pen-case fits so beautifully into my hand!
The name of this finish: Crazy horse brown!

Pens from left to the right:Vintage Conklin,vintage Pelikan,Waterman,Montegrappa and Swan/Mabie Todd.The Montegrappa is the only pen I bought new.The other 4 I bought from Kasia!

I inserted an old Hobonichi,just for notes ;-)

A Stalogy A6 will also fit,but the zipper feels a bit stretched out.

I could bite my butt,that I did not also purchased their beautiful A5 zipped folio in green,but then someone has to call the ambulance,lol!
It was such a nice surprise for me,to find this super-cute pencase!
Here is the link to their website:

Take care,dear friends :-D

Freitag, 2. August 2019

Gillio A6 Appunto Trifold

Hi Lovelies!

This is the last blogpost from my DK-vacation!
This is showing the A6 Trifold Appunto in the undyed epoca leather.
The Trifold has also been launched at PCE 2019. guys....I don't use A6 Appuntos anymore.
But I couldn't resist the Trifold,especially in the undyed epoca leather,which sounds like "steps on fresh snow" and gets such a beautiful shade of tan in the sun.
I had no idea what to do with it.
I got me an Oli-clip at the booth of "Moindori",on PCE (which is a brand from Hamburg,making beautiful TN's!)...and ordered an A6 Stalogy.
Kathja from "Kathie's pouches" made me 2 beautiful stencils for "month on 2 pages",in A6 size.
Even I had no clue how to get started...I just did.
Some decorations to bring me into the right mood...trying out the stencils....just some thoughts,some pictures out of a magazine,some pics printed on my Canon ZoeMini and nooooooo pressure!
Hopefully it will get some more tan in the next days.The first 2 days have been cloudy and rainy...
what gives me the time to prepare the blogpost!Lol!!

.....couple of days is the 28th July and my Trifold had some time to tan in the North Sea breeze,on the beach.The patina developed nicely on the outside and on the inside.
Sadly my Mini Printer has a defect and the pics are showing stripes,but still okaaaaaaay.

Trifold tanning in the North-Sea-Breeze....

Photo-booklet from Hobonichi....

Stencils are made (with love) by Kathie's pouches!

Kasia Michalowska-Stier sells the most beautiful restored vintage fountain pens in the facebook-fountain pen groups!

I never thought that I would miss my stickers and washis!!I only have a few with my,by accident,hahahaaaa!

Enjoy the summer,my planner-friends!