Sonntag, 21. Juli 2019

Gillio croco-love

Hi planner peeps!

Since my croco-collection changed a bit,I felt the need to give you an update :-D
The Gillio croco mat is just a print on cowhide,btw!
From the day I saw my first Gillio mat croco (which was a medium sized Compagna in honey mat,at Dössel&Rademacher in Hamburg),I totally fell in love with that print....and with the brand anyway!
The croco mat is different from batch to batch....and from hide to hide.
Some feel chalky,which is VERY smooth with a feel of a powdery finish...some are just smooth..some feel a bit toothy/fabric-ish.
At the end they will all develope a patina,which makes them even smoother and more shiny.
The smaller the planner and the more you use it,the faster the patina will develope.
Here is my Mini Mia Cara in rosewood mat croco,one photo without patina,and one photo with beautiful patina....

In the square-picture you see (from top to bottom and left to right):
- A5 aubergine mat (from 2013,with silver mat rings)
- Black mat medium Mia Cara
- Shiny lava A6 Appunto
- Fuschia mat medium Compagna
- Charcoal mat medium XL Compagna
- Red bubbly Croco medium Compagna (luxecadeautjes special!)
- Fuschia mat keypouch and keyholder
- Red mat croco medium Compagna (old,old batch!)
- Grey mat medium XL Compagna
- Charcoal mat medium Amica
- Brown mat Slim Compagna
- Honey mat medium Compagna
- Rosewood mat mini Mia Cara
- Charcoal mat mini Mia Cara
- Red mat pocket Compagna (oooold model/batch!)
- Grey mat pocket XL Compagna
- Bubblegum mat medium Amica
- Bubblegum mat A5 Appunto
- Brown mat A6 Appunto (older print)
- Red mat/cream inside "ccc-edition"(with golden hardware/limited edition)
- Blue mat personal wide Compagna

There are 2 or 3 more blogposts to come,so stay tuned!
Happy holidays to all of you,from our DK-vaca!

Dienstag, 11. Juni 2019

Gillio Mini Mia Cara!

I have something like a weak spot for Minis....back then I loved to use my Filofax Mini Amazona/Topaz as a wallet,but now I love everything Gillio!

On Planner Con Europe I was about to buy one,but I rejected it for a different planner.
Back home I regret my desicion...and shot Ben a message.It turned out that the rosewood Mini Mia was there by accident,there has not been a rosewood-release!Lol!!

Today Gillio released the Mini Mia in rosewood mat croco,grey and blue mat croco leather!

Here is mine:

I am using it as a wallet - just added a yearly fold-out calender from Filofax.
The creditcard pouches are all old ones from Filofax,I have bought them many years ago.They are top-opening pouches.Their actual pouches open on the ring-side,that means you have to open the rings first,which I don't like.
The Mini holds 15 cards at the moment!

I also own this lovely piece in the colour mat charcoal,which I also love and won't ever sell!

Mittwoch, 20. März 2019

Mama and Baby :-D

Good morning,my planner-friends!

A few years ago,I posted about our first Gillio-meetup in Brussels.It was in the end of 2013.
On our visit at NIAS,I saw a beautiful older red matt croco medium Compagna,which I bought after the meetup,via telephone-call. young Lady of our Gillio group posted a pocket Compagna for sale - and guess what???She also purchased it at NIAS!!!It must have been sitting there for aaaaages,before she bought it late last year....and never used it.

So here they are....reunited:Mama and Baby :-D

Comparison of my pocket Compagna XL to the old model,which was smaller!I must say:They hold the same amount.....

The old red matt with my brown matt croco Slim Compagna....

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a wonderful day :-D

Montag, 24. September 2018

A new Gillio-colour: Athracite epoca!!

Hello planner-people!

It is time for a big photo-blogpost,because Gillio-HQ were so nice to ask us to test this colour,before the release-day,on Monday 24.Sept.2018.

I was very exited,because they asked us without spilling the beans about what colour it might be!

I will also add photos of 2 other Gillio colours,for comparison: The grey mat croco medium Compagna and the acidgreen slim Compagna.I think those colours go soooo well together!

The colour is absolutely beautiful:Not too dark and not to light in shade.
It goes so well with each colour...I love the pink pen inside!
Also it is a classy colour,which also the men in our planner-community will fall in love with!
It wears as beautifully,as the other epoca colours.
It might be perfect for people who are afraid of the DOT (dark on tab),because of the darker shade of epoca ;o)
Mine shows no signs of use.A scratch I rubbed out completely.
It got more squishy and supple during the time I used it.
Oh - and it smells very yummi!!

This colour will be released in the medium Compagna,pocket Compagna,A6 Appunto,Slim Appunto and A5 Appunto!
You will also find a review on "Travellers Notebook Times",as well as in our facebook group :"Gillio Firenze Fan Group"!

It also matches my cat perfectly (who stamped Noahs homework,btw.)....

Aaaaall set up and ready to rumble....

With all the Physio-prescriptons inside,that I need all the week....


....epoca-porn :-D

I totally love,how well those colours go together: Acidgreen,anthracite and grey croco mat!


I hope you enjoyed this post!
And a big THANK YOU to Gillio,for allowing me to have this stunning colour in my collection now!

Sonntag, 25. September 2016

Gillio Mia never dies!

This Fall started very exiting,with a new BIG love,a chunk of beautiful printed leather:
I am back in love with a medium Mia Cara!
2 years ago,during our Gillio-meetup,it happened that I found myself holding a medium Mia Cara in my shaking hands....a fuschia mat croco.I must say that the Mia is very well dressed up,in that mat croco printed leather!It looks and feels reeeaally good on her.
I ended up not buying that one,but I never forgot that squishy,big and chunky feeling in my hands.

Now it happened,that Team Gillio asked us admins to work with the new prints.We were asked to choose one review-sample,work with it,see how it wears and writing or filming a review...or 2.
I chose to work with a medium Mia,in this beautiful black mat croco.What a sophisticated appearance....I am still living the haptic meltdown,everytime I carry it in my hands...!
In this short time of 4 weeks,there is absolutely no wear on mine,besides the begin of a nice shine to the leather.
It still feels a bit stiff,when I open the lovely popper-pocket.
It is definately a huge chunk of a medium planner,that is for sure.It is heavier,due to all this lovely leather.I tried not to stuff it,so I used it along with my Slim-setup + some more notepapers,a Hamburg-map,another pouch-and I added 8 month from the past year to the calendar.
This will get a picture-heavy-post,where I will also show the red mat croco Slim Compagna,which carries 6 month week on 2 pages,12 month of month on 2 pages,birthday-calendar,2 sheets with tel.numbers and some spare sheets of paper.

The medium Mias will be released in the new prints,soon.
As I am also owning this croco print in different colours and planners,I can highly recomment them...and will show you the ones I own at the end of this post ;o)

I don`t carry any cards in my planner,because I don`t want them to get too stuffed...

Medium Mia Cara vs.Slim Compagna,in red mat croco!
As usual,the skins are all different (like our skins are different).
Each of my mat croco planners feels different.
All of them are "to die for" ;o)

The Slim fits snug inside the medium Mia ;o)

Some more of the new prints....brown mat croco Appunto....

A6 blue ostrich print on top of fuschia mat croco and brown mat croco (all A6 Appuntos)
The ostrich prints seem to be very durable and scratch-resistant.People who fear the DOT (Dark On Tab) - I don`t believe this can happen to this print ;o))
My favs are (still) the croco prints.

Older batches and prints + new batches and prints!
From left to right: A5 aubergine Compagna,fuschia mat croco medium Compagna,A6 brown mat croco Appunto,shiny brown croco medium Compagna,red mat croco medium Compagna(with mat silver rings inside),A6 Appunto in mat fuschia croco,black mat croco medium Mia Cara,heavy textured red Croco medium Compagna(from Luxecadeautjes),Gillio keypouch in fuschia mat croco,medium Compagna in rose bazaar,Slim Compagna in red mat croco,A6 Appunto in blue ostrich print,pencase in gold ostrich print(old!)and A5 Appunto in brown mat croco.

Just the new prints/batches!
The new release will be on Tuesday,the 27th Sept. at 14:00 CET,on the Gillio-website!!
Happy planning!!!!