Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Croco medium Compagnas:Allie + Freddie!

Oh,sorry for my delay.....I have been quiet busy the last time....but here are some pics,that I already saved on my Nikon,a few month ago ;o))
The first one is a very nice+"bubbly"red Croco,which has sort of a vintage look - and I moved in,right away!!
It already came with some "scars",but Eelke Hoogstins gave me some good % for my next purchase ;o))
...and that was the "rust" Croco!!
Btw...we use to give names to our planners+save them in a list at our Facebook-forum...the red one is "Allie",the rust is "Freddie" ;oD
......enjoooooooy ;oD

It took me a day to get used to that vintage I am soooo in love with it!!!!!!

The red + the rust Croco......I will do a blogpost showing the inside of the rust,when I move into it again ;o)

                                                   LOVELY Compagnons ;o))