Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

The red croco Compagna!!! :o))

During our Gillio-meetup in Belgium,I fell in love with a red croco a shop called "Nias".
I couldn`t stop thinking about I gave them a call - and they sent it to Mella+Mella sent it to me!!
                                                  LOOK!!!It is soooooo beautiful!!

                                        I had to free the poor thing....sitting so sadly in a prison of glass....

                                                  It seems to be an older model,with "whitish lines"!

                                             ....and red lining!

                                         This is pure planner love....the red is my favorite Croco!!

Gillio meetup in Antwerp - a little late ;oD

I am soooo sorry for the delay....
On friday the 29th of novembre,I started BY CAR to Antwerp....I don`t like flying too much,so I decided to go by car.That way I could practise a little singing,because I am back in my old band*YAAAY*
I had NO idea,that it would take me more than 6 hours to finally get there!

Lucky me : Mella invited me,to sleep in her appartement :o))

On the first evening we met the group in a small,phantastic Restaurant in Antwerp.Some of the group I already met in London...and for sure we met in the fb-forum!
Oh,boy...we had soooooo much fun!!!Tom and Ben van Haelen also joined the group (Ben took a gooood sniff of every Gillio that he got in his hands...just sayin`!!) - it was a phantastic evening...hard to top!!

I just can repeat: That was SUCH A FREAKIN`PHANTASTIC EVENING!!!

                                      BUT..........we had no idea about the next day...

                                                     Mella,Anke+me,we started a little later...

After we had some brunch,we went to the trainstation,to meet the rest of the group!

                                                                    Mella & me!
                                                               Mella & Steve!
                                                                    Judith & Emi :o)

We took the train to Brussels...because on saturday we went to our personal Walhalla:The Gillio-shop!!!!
But there was still the trainride+we wanted to visit "Nias",a stationery-shop,in Brussels ;o))

We had a lot of fun,during our train-ride ;o))

At "Nias"

                                                    (I fell soooooo in love!!!Look at the red Croco!!!)

But we were on our way to the Gillio-shop.....and we already had a dreeeeaaam ;o)) we FINALLY entered the shop - it was soooooo nice!!!!All the "Gillio-family":Tom (and his beautiful wife),Ben,Mieke (and her nice husband!),Els,Pol.......hahaha,it felt like coming home ;o)

                                                                  Emi and her Baby :o))

                                                              The unveiling!!!

                                                              Some of us found a new planner-love.....

                                 After the unveiling,we went to a fancy restaurant...the Gillio-family invited us                                                                                                *YAAAY*

                                                               Pol van Haelen....


                                                                           Matching Gillios!!!

                                                       Mella takes a goooood sniff ;o))

                                                     YAAAY!!!!!A new Gillio!!!!!

So...all I can say : THAT evening kicked yesterdays evenigs´ass ;o))
We had such a phantastic time!!!!

                                                  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!