Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

From Chameleon to Ascot : Moving out,moving in!Many pics!!

Now,that I lived in the beautiful Chameleon for a while,I decided to move the inserts to the Ascot!
Why the heck...?Because I made some overwhelming deviders,that better fit the Ascot!
I gave it a try...and...aaaah,take a look at the result ;o)
 Made some beautiful stardust deviders  : Stardust stack/ DCWV
 just because the paper is a bit too thin,I laminated the deviders.....
 My special pocket-devider :o)) .... beautiful thing!
 Here we come to my diary-section....

 And this section belongs to my sweet little boys!

 This paper I almost refused to cut,because it is so beautiful (top)

The chapters/sections are the same as I had in the beautiful Chameleon....

 This one was loved for a long time by somebody ....
Now,it is loved by me ;o)

Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Update Personal Malden :o)

Maybe some of you still remember,that I wanted to give the personal size a try,as my work-Filo.
I am used to the A5 size,but it is a heavy load to carry it around!
The personal Malden is the one,that I have chosen for this experiment.
Now,that I have used it for a short time,I can tell that I am missing the SPACE!
It IS working out - but it`s not perfect.Maybe I just have to get used to it - I will keep on trying.
The Malden is ADORABLE!I love the feel of the leather!
The calendar that I have choosen is a pain in the ass :o) .It is a cheaper version - urgs!Every page is getting damaged,because it is...thin?It doesn`t feel thin,but it is def.a less quality.I will never buy that paper again!No,no,no!!
And I don`t like that it has no "half-hour-scedule".But I guess in personal size I have to get "one day per page"for my needs - and I love to see the week at a glance.Hmmmmm...
I think I`ll get me the same calendar from Filofax.
OH,I`ve found some pretty scrapbookpaper - and pimped up my Malden :o)

Now that it is looking soooooo nice I love it even more :o)

Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

BB - Balmorals Baby :o)

 Let me introduce you to my BABY-BALMORAL :o))
 It has a smaller ringsize,just like the pocket Chameleon .... so I chose this calendar : 1 week per page...
 and I loved that scrapbook-paperpad!NOW it fits a binder ;o)

 It has a very nice pocket for coins *juhuuuuu*!!!
 It is some years old...but just like the A5 - it came to me in unused condition :o) also has a "wallet-pocket" !!
 Now ... Mommy & Baby *LOL*

This is a perfect match!!!!! :o))

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Let me introduce you to : The BALMORAL A5!!

Wow...I am still "wowed"!
Once I saw this one on a guets post about the Balmoral A5 on "deligted - blogpost" here.Yes,I fell in love ;o))
A few days later (!!!) it found ME on Ebay (it was kind of "hidden" as a "Filofax Bridle/personal size",what I wasn`t looking for)!!!I tried my best to convince the seller,to make a price for me...the communication got stuck somehow,think she wanted just too much ;o)
The last  30seconds I got VERY EXITED!!I wanted to give my last bit at the last few seconds.
At least I made it,for a real good price *yeaaaah*

The Balmoral is a very exclusive binder.It is very stiff,lightyears away from lying flat.
First the leather had sort of a plastic touch,not flexible or puffy.Now,that it is in use,it is getting more flexible,the leather starts feeling like leather - and I am more in love,than ever before :o))
It has all those wonderful pockets and bigger rings than the A5 Malden :o)
And as a surprise - it has kind of a wallet-pocket!!

I was really lucky,because it is in unused condition!!!It came with all of the inserts (calender of 2003 :o) )

Now this beautiful book is my "blog-binder" - and it keeps the letters from my "Filofax-friendships" :o)


Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

The compact Regency "marrone",from bella Italia :o)

This is a binder that never appeared on my wishlist,because it was way toooo expensive.
I wanted to give the compact size a try and ordered a compact Chameleon at a 50% less-price-offer (what else ;o)) ),but it arrived looking as it came in closer contact to...Dschingis Khan...??Half of the rings were opened,the calendar-pages were coming out...the spine just seemed as if it is not in the middle.
I was really pi..... about that,because I had some "Chameleon-trouble"before,had to return some,because of discoloration.
So...I returned it right away to FF-Germany.
At the same time,the italian Filofax-site had SOME nice offers...!The Regency in compact size was priced 59 EUR!!
I started watching the few existing videos (thank you Imy :o)) ),to get a closer look at that binder.

The leather is kind of "sparkling",it lies flat,out of the box.
It has enough creditcard-pockets,to make me sing :o)
It has those two full height pockets on both sides (for cash or some secrets)...
but it has no zip-pocket.Ok,I knew that before - but I really need and miss one,because I wanted to use this as a wallet.

 The compact Regency came without a daymarker/ruler,so I made my own one...
 I put in a "week at a page calendar",to slim it down a bit ...

 This is the leather-case of my slips easily in the pocket on the right side :o)
 WONDERFUL pockets!!

I found some zipped pockets,that I could use IN that binder: A zipped pen-pocket from my Grandfather,that I show you on the photos,or a very small zipped leather pocket,sort of a a keyholder,that I could click into the top-ring.
Right now I am not using this pretty thing,because I am so in love with the pocket Chameleon ;o)