Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

The compact Regency "marrone",from bella Italia :o)

This is a binder that never appeared on my wishlist,because it was way toooo expensive.
I wanted to give the compact size a try and ordered a compact Chameleon at a 50% less-price-offer (what else ;o)) ),but it arrived looking as it came in closer contact to...Dschingis Khan...??Half of the rings were opened,the calendar-pages were coming out...the spine just seemed as if it is not in the middle.
I was really pi..... about that,because I had some "Chameleon-trouble"before,had to return some,because of discoloration.
So...I returned it right away to FF-Germany.
At the same time,the italian Filofax-site had SOME nice offers...!The Regency in compact size was priced 59 EUR!!
I started watching the few existing videos (thank you Imy :o)) ),to get a closer look at that binder.

The leather is kind of "sparkling",it lies flat,out of the box.
It has enough creditcard-pockets,to make me sing :o)
It has those two full height pockets on both sides (for cash or some secrets)...
but it has no zip-pocket.Ok,I knew that before - but I really need and miss one,because I wanted to use this as a wallet.

 The compact Regency came without a daymarker/ruler,so I made my own one...
 I put in a "week at a page calendar",to slim it down a bit ...

 This is the leather-case of my slips easily in the pocket on the right side :o)
 WONDERFUL pockets!!

I found some zipped pockets,that I could use IN that binder: A zipped pen-pocket from my Grandfather,that I show you on the photos,or a very small zipped leather pocket,sort of a a keyholder,that I could click into the top-ring.
Right now I am not using this pretty thing,because I am so in love with the pocket Chameleon ;o)


  1. Wow, your photos really show off this binder! I am enjoying my new compact chameleon & agree the Regency is pricey but beautiful, what a great deal you got?! Amy x

  2. Thank you,Amy!Yes,that was an unbelievable deal :o))The postage was pretty expensive (vom Italy to Germany 20 EUR!),but it was still worth to get it!

  3. I have one of these and its really classy isn't it?

  4. This is really a wonderful binder - but I miss a zipped pocket.Still.I don`t get it : Why does ff create a binder,sell it for a hiiiigh price - and it comes without a zip-pocket...??