Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Let me introduce you to : The BALMORAL A5!!

Wow...I am still "wowed"!
Once I saw this one on a guets post about the Balmoral A5 on "deligted - blogpost" here.Yes,I fell in love ;o))
A few days later (!!!) it found ME on Ebay (it was kind of "hidden" as a "Filofax Bridle/personal size",what I wasn`t looking for)!!!I tried my best to convince the seller,to make a price for me...the communication got stuck somehow,think she wanted just too much ;o)
The last  30seconds I got VERY EXITED!!I wanted to give my last bit at the last few seconds.
At least I made it,for a real good price *yeaaaah*

The Balmoral is a very exclusive binder.It is very stiff,lightyears away from lying flat.
First the leather had sort of a plastic touch,not flexible or puffy.Now,that it is in use,it is getting more flexible,the leather starts feeling like leather - and I am more in love,than ever before :o))
It has all those wonderful pockets and bigger rings than the A5 Malden :o)
And as a surprise - it has kind of a wallet-pocket!!

I was really lucky,because it is in unused condition!!!It came with all of the inserts (calender of 2003 :o) )

Now this beautiful book is my "blog-binder" - and it keeps the letters from my "Filofax-friendships" :o)



  1. Chrissie, my new Franklin Quest binder (roughly personal size) also has a big wallet pocket across the whole cover. It is SO handy to have to tuck all manner of loose pages, receipts, envelopes, etc. to handle later. Lovely binder!

    1. Josh,it is absolutely great!!Every binder should have pockets like this one :o))

  2. I really like that binder. Love that big wallet pocket. It would be really handy like Josh says.

  3. Beautiful binder! Love that big pocket in the back

  4. Hello Chrissie,
    now when I´ve received mine, I finally understand, what you mean... wallet pocket...
    My A5 is without such a pocket... mysterious...
    I didn´t know, that there exist two different kinds of this model.
    It must have been sold in the ninety´s as far as I know!
    UUUhhhh, but I´m so happy! I´ve moved into the two Black Balmorals, the A5 for work and the Personal one privately. :-)

  5. Wunderwunderschön!!! Toll Chrissie, jetzt will ich auch einen schwarzen Balmoral!!! ;)
    Lg Natalie