Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

A pretty match :o)

I really love it,when two different kind of binders
matches soooo good!!
THIS is my favorite match:
The A5 Malden keeps EVERYTHING incl.5-6 pens.
The pocket Chameleon as my favorite pocketsize swallows a lot of cards and money.The only paper it has to keep,to make me smile happily:My shoppinglist :o))
The Spring Green colour is soooo beautiful....!
Right now the Malden is still waiting for a job : It will be my music-binder,keeping all my lyrics ...

Shhhhhhhhhhh...!Don`t wake them up ;o)
Huh...I just can`t wait for the A5 Sring Green to arrive :o)

Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Personal Chameleon - the unemployed,part 1 ;o)

I always wanted an aqua colored Chameleon.
This was the first Chameleon in my collection - but it is still unemployed.
Finally I made some deviders,so I can move into that pretty binder,whenever I want :o)

The colour is soooo beautiful ... and by the way : No discoloration :o))
The sections are still "un-named"....
The deviders are made from the same paperpad that I used for my Malden...

Selfmade marker....

I really like that the penloop is NOT in the way ;o)
Isn`t it a beauty???

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Another pocket : Dickie Malden :o)

This is the pocket Malden that I was reeeally longing for.
I already own a pocket-Malden in grey - but I don`t like the leather-finish.
The ochre pocket Malden is gorgeous!It lay flat,out of the box :o)
I ordered a smoother finish - but the inside is quite unique ;o)

 Lovely front ....

 Stuffed up ... :o)

 And soooooooooo flat .....
 It keeps the calendar,my "to-do-list",shopping-list and adresses ....

 Personal and pocket Malden cheek to cheek ....
 Ha!I should call him "Dickie" ;o))

 side by side ....

A perfect match!!!

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

The Personal Aston in orchid colour :o)

Since month I am trying to get happy with the personal size,instead of the A5 size...
I never believed it would be is harder than I ever thought ;o))
Because I am missing space.
Because every binder that I tried has something that I won`t get familiar with :o%
Hmmm...I thought it might be a good idea to get colourful instead of spacy ;o)
So,I tried the Aston in Personal size :

The Aston has a very soft leather...
Since I use my Personal Malden for my job,I miss that special pocket!My Malden keeps 2 Frixion-pens inside the zip-pocket,and a ballpen in the penloop....

The pink stiching is very pretty and I love the colour!

This is what I am always talking about :
The A5 Prescriptions/recipes of my Patients,for the Physiotherapy,that I have to carry around with me (not just one...)

In this pocket they get easily damaged...

My perfect system - I have another vertical calendar/business-range for the Personal size,that ö still in my purple Malden ;o)
My absolut perfect system is the vertical/A5!

A real nice,flexible pocket!

A beautiful binder  :o)

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Personal Adelphi 12 EUR :o))

Sometimes...there`s magic in the air...
I never,never longed for any Adelphi.I watched Ebay...and there was this damson Adelphi.Only 40 seconds left...and still 10,20 EUR! ... I. GOT.WEAK - and placed my bid at the last 5 seconds :o))BAAAAANG!!!
Now I own an Adelphi,personal size in damson!
Hmmmm.I guess the seller did a bit of gymnastik : Trying to bite herself in the butt :o))
2 days later it arrived!And it is almost brandnew!!
My first thought : Ok,I`ll do a little photo-session with that one,then I`ll sell it again.But...I like it!!
The leather is nice&soft,it has wonderful pockets!
For this Photosession I put in the deviders,that I made for my purple Malden (which I was still waiting for,when I took these photos)

This is not just a pocket,there are also creditcard-slots hidden (forgot taking a pic with opened pocket...),so they stay well protected inside :o)

I never thought,this binder would feel so soft!!!

The Adelphi will get its own deviders soon :o)

Update: The deviders moved into the purple Malden,the Adelphi got some deviders that I first made for the Holborn - and now the Adelphi sleeps in my car!I have to write down the Kilometers I drive every day and it keeps some things that I need for my job :o)

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Beautiful Baroque :o))

 In some blogs I saw pictures of the Baroque,read about its smooooth and floppy,I started dreaming of a Baroque...but in what size?
I saw this one on Ebay,contacted the seller,to make me a was a really good price :o))
 Yes,it is the pocketsize ;o) Hard enough,to get one in personal size it is even harder....
 From my latest scrapbookpaper-haul I made some beautiful deviders...........
 The first has a pocket....then comes my calendar-section...............
 followed by the "to-do-section" ..................................
 And -very important to me - the shopping-list!!!
 An unnamed section ............. :o))
 And my "dit un dat" - section ;o)
The adress/telephone-list
 The zipped pocket holds my coins......
 There`s another pocket under the zipped pocket...+one more underneath this (for cash)
 It holds the nice pen,while my pocket Chameleon is sleeping on the shelf :o)
What a beautiful,yummi little thing!!!!