Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

BB - Balmorals Baby :o)

 Let me introduce you to my BABY-BALMORAL :o))
 It has a smaller ringsize,just like the pocket Chameleon .... so I chose this calendar : 1 week per page...
 and I loved that scrapbook-paperpad!NOW it fits a binder ;o)

 It has a very nice pocket for coins *juhuuuuu*!!!
 It is some years old...but just like the A5 - it came to me in unused condition :o) also has a "wallet-pocket" !!
 Now ... Mommy & Baby *LOL*

This is a perfect match!!!!! :o))


  1. Dear Chrissie,

    the little Balmoral Baby is simply beautiful and I love the picture of Mommy & Baby ;-) Both colours match perfectly!!!!! Have a nice weekend!!! :-)

    Lony x

  2. Oh, how lovely!!! Congratulations!!!
    And the red seems to be deeper and a little bit darker than on the red Personal Balmoral I owned... which has been too "orange"...
    I love the combination: big and small! I'm using some similar combinations, too!
    At the moment I'm waiting for a Personal Black Balmoral that I've won on ebay... exciting...

  3. @ Lony - thank you :o))Wish you a nice weekend,too :o)

    @ Maus - Yeeees,it is a deeper red,not orange at all!First I wanted to bid on a personal one in red,but I have too many Personal Filos...that I don`t use ;o) so I decided to get this one from "Ebay Kleinanzeigen",for a goood price *happyme*

  4. Oh it's beautiful - what great condition!