Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Why do I collect Filofaxes?

Some people keep asking:"What?You are collecting Filofaxes?For what??"..
My answer:"Because they are a perfect planning-tool for me.And they are beautiful".
My Mom collected vintage coffeepots and nobody asked her"why"...a friend of my Mom is collecting Teddybears,her husband munition from the war - so what ;o)  ?
I am a single Mom of two little boys,and I am my own boss,as a Physiotherapist.There`s no chance collecting shoes ;o))
Before I started using Filofaxes for work,I tried different calendars in A5 size - but at the end it was pure chaos...I had to lay the recepies of my Patients between the calendar sheets - guess I don`t have to mention,what happend almost every day*Lol*
I used kind of a personal Filofax(another,cheaper brand)for a year,but it had just the week at a page insert,so I used it just for my personal appointments.
When I started working again,when my little boy was 1 year old,I absolutely wanted something that really fits my needs - and I was soooo lucky,when I achieved my first Filofax,the chocolate  A5 Finchley.
When my back/shoulder started to get uncomfortable with the weight of that binder,I started longing for a smaller one.I already wrote about it...BUT that`s where the flame of passion started to burn :o))
I wanted to try,to feel,to move...also different sizes...
On that way I found the Philofaxy blog,countless youtube videos - and I started having fun in my evenings,that I spend alone :o)) my own blog followed,and it is so much fun making photos and videos,writing a bit,making deviders...and watching Ebay*hehe*
Maybe one day I will start collecting shoes...when my boys are a little older and I hopefully don`t have to spent the evenings alone and go out dancing instead ;o)


  1. Good for you!! Why shouldn't you enjoy Filofaxes - I do too and they are very useful tools ( as well as looking nice:)

  2. Perfect answer - many people just see it as some paper junk from the 80's and a sign that you're a technophobe, but they are are very useful and ridiculously pretty and tactile... who wouldn't want to collect them?

  3. You could always collect pictures of 'one day' shoes and collate them in your filofax!
    i collect filofaxes because it makes me happy to use and customise them.
    And because you keep waving them about on YouTube and making them look irresistable!

  4. I hope your love for Filofax continues because then that would mean more YouTube videos and I LOVE watching them. :)

  5. @ all - Thank you so much for your comments!It feels sooo great,that you like me vids so much :o))*juhuuuu* :o))

  6. Hopefully, I'll buy my first FF soon - now I use FC, and I'll see what you mean. I agree with you that it is fun nowadays to use FF and enjoy all this community online. And this is nobody's business what do you enjoy collecting!

  7. My don't need to answer to anyone except to yourself. FFs make you happy....keep collecting! You are doing it for yourself. I love knowing that I have a collection of FF's that I can use!

  8. I am glad that you have a Filofax collection and willingly share your thoughts on them. I decided to buy my personal Malden after watching one of your videos and have not regretted it for one moment. What a fun collection to have and what a small thing to do that brings you joy - you keep collecting!

  9. I've just come across this old post & think that it's great! I have a relative who always makes fun of me for being a Filofax enthusiast, but how is that different from being into antiques or cars?? The added bonus is that a Filofax helps me be more organised :)