Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Beautiful Chameleon A5

Suddenly everyone seemed to own Chameleons...
Then I realized that they were on sale,on some Filofax sites.
Again I watched a billion youtube videos,to get a closer look to that binder.
All I was longing for,at that moment,was an aqua coloured Chameleon,in A5 ;o)
The best video at that point came from Australia,from "lifeiscrafted"-Arienne!She made such a nice video,I love,love,love it!!On that video I could see the beautiful colour of the Chameleon raspberry!!!
Then I was soooo lucky,to get one for 50%less *LOL*,that seems to be my favorite "left off"!

The pocketsize Chameleon is very,very flexible.When the A5 arrived,I was a little surprised about the stiffness of the binder - but to me it is perfect,because I like them a bit stiffer,when I have them on my knees,while I´m writing.
I thought it will never lie flat,but it does :o)
For a very brief time I thought about making this one my work-Filo - but that won`t work at all - the Finchley is too perfect,like it was just made to fullfill my needs!

Now this Beauty is my Family&Home-Binder.
It keeps my diary,that I write almost every day.
It keeps all the news from my cute little boys (Noah is 5 years old,Tammo 1 year and 7 month).
It keeps lists of music,books,films,wishlists...stuff that I always need to buy-and often forget (I should better write that down in my wallet-Chameleon*LOL*),some lists of blogpost,that have to move in another Binder...and stuff that I often forgot to house&garden :o)

The raspberry colour is soooo beautiful!It is brightning up the darkest day...and night - it`s like a smile and a kiss :ox

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  1. The pink is gorgeous! Have fun with your Chameleon family!