Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

A vintage one : The ASCOT!

The vintage Filos seem to find ME on Ebay :o)
The day the Ascot arrived it was pretty cold outside...and I was not at home.So the postman deposited the parcel at the was almost frozen...!!I wrapped the poor thing into a warm towel and placed it near the heating...then it enjoyed a massage with a niiice leather-cream,that I used for the saddle of my horse...and then I polished it ;o))
The Ascot has a very nice leather.It arrived in a good used condition,very flexible,smooth leather...
Right now it holds my old calendar,because I have to keep them for 10 years.So it will stay busy,because I often have to look at older phone numbers,patient-appointments and so on :o)

P.S.Thank you "Maus" :o))


  1. Oh Chrissie,
    I love to see it being beloved.... and obviously enjoying some kind of wellness treatment! ;-))

  2. Such a beautiful binder! Looks very classy and posh :)

    1. Thank you :o))
      In the meantime I already moved with my family-stuff into that will follow in a few weeks;o))