Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Croco medium Compagnas:Allie + Freddie!

Oh,sorry for my delay.....I have been quiet busy the last time....but here are some pics,that I already saved on my Nikon,a few month ago ;o))
The first one is a very nice+"bubbly"red Croco,which has sort of a vintage look - and I moved in,right away!!
It already came with some "scars",but Eelke Hoogstins gave me some good % for my next purchase ;o))
...and that was the "rust" Croco!!
Btw...we use to give names to our planners+save them in a list at our Facebook-forum...the red one is "Allie",the rust is "Freddie" ;oD
......enjoooooooy ;oD

It took me a day to get used to that vintage I am soooo in love with it!!!!!!

The red + the rust Croco......I will do a blogpost showing the inside of the rust,when I move into it again ;o)

                                                   LOVELY Compagnons ;o))

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Filofax Ascot...going vintage ;o))

Since I own an A5 Ascot,I wanted to add a personal Ascot to my collection.
For a long time I stalked the Ascots on Ebay....this one was meant to be mine!!

                                      It popped up on just wanted it !!!
                                      The penloop on this one is very tight!
                                                The pattern is gorgeous,in this colour!

                                Filofax should create new planners,with pockets like THIS!!!
                                (or the Balmoral ;o)) )

I am such a happy bunny!!The Ascots are made of such a nice leather...I LOVE the pocket-layout...
The only thing that I am missing: The big backpocket,that the Gillios have ;o))

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Gillio Compagna "Lezard",in medium size :o))

The first "Lezards" I met on the Gillio-meetup.When we went out for dinner,with the whole Gillio-crew,suddenly NEW MODELS had been passed around!!!OOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!
The "Lezard".....I fell in love right away!!
Tom promised me,that I would get took some time,but LOOOOK!!!

                                                      In comparison to the Mini Amazona/Filofax....

                                           I really love the bigger popper...just like my Mia Cara!

                   The flyleaf has a penloop!!...And it feels like the ear of a dog ;o))

                             I have not moved in right now....I am waiting for Springtime ;o))
                                                                     Isn`t it beautiful???

Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Flex by Filofax!A5 ;o))

After I had some troubles,because of a suuuuper overstuffed planner (my Buttercup lost its rings...) I decided to carry the prescriptions,that I need to take with me,in a
The Flex is fabulous!!!It is slim lightweight....look!

                                       Isn`t it phantastic??? :o))

Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

"Birdie"...a Filofax Ostrich/Buttercup!

One day in Decembre 2013 "Ling Mar" pm`d me on Facebook and asked me,if I would swap my rust medium Mia Cara for her Buttercup Ostrich,named "Birdie"....OH.MY.GOD!!!!
Each of us had to take some time,to think about it....and then...we did it!!!!
So,here we go...are you ready to meet "Birdie"???

                                        ....pockets,pockets......and pockets!!!!
                              more ;oD

This is such a lovely,soft planner....I had a REAL hard time moving out...but as you all know: I am a collector and love to switch my planners in terms of 2-3 weeks.This one was hard...because....

THIS HAPPENED!!!!In the appartement of a patient...oh,boy....!!!
Steve Morton + Richard Burri (Pens and Leathers) gave me advice,how to fix the rings again...
I decided to give "Birdie" a break....
And I decided to carry the prescriptions in a different..."book" ;o)

Some more "Ostrich-porn" ;oD

I guess this was waaaaay too much for the rings...(top)

                                     "Birdie" inside my medium Gillio Mia Cara :oD

                                                          The Filofax that I really love the most!!!!