Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Gillio A5 Amica :o))

One day I found an A5 Amica,the older Gigliodoro-version,on!
I asked them to send me some photos....and fell completely in love :o))

This one s my VERY personal journlal/diary ;oD

                                               And it came with gold hardware *YAHOOOOO*!!!

                   The Amica has no zipper pocket,no large backpocket - but plenty other nice+helpful pockets!
                         And : The A5 Amica also has NO cardbord inside (the medium size has a stiffener inside!)

                                         Size Comparison: The A5 Amica + medium Mia Cara!
The leather on the A5 Amica feels great!I don`t really use the large backpocket on my A5,so I didn`t miss it.
I also don`t carry my creditcads in my A5 - but the secreterial-pocket is great!!

Gillio-size-comparison 1.!

                                                         Some Gillios to compare.... :oD

                                                    Medium Mia Cara + medium Compagna!

                                            A5 Compagna + A5 Mia Cara!
                                            A5 Filofax Osterley + A5 Mia Cara!!

                                        Filofax A5 Finchley,A5 Amica,A5 Compagna + A5 Mia Cara...

                                                                A5 Amica + A5 Compagna                                        

                                            A5 Mia Cara + medium Mia Cara :o)
                                          A5 Mia,medium Mia + pocketsize Mia Cara!

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

The Gillio "Mia Cara",in pocketsize :o))

Let me introduce you to "Schokolinchen",my Mia Cara in pocketsize :o)
I use her as my wallet....right now she looks pretty,pretty stuffed...
Usually I don`t use the calendar-inserts,but I put in the 2014 refill ;o)
The ringsize on the pocketsized Gillios is the same as the pocket Chameleon/Filofax : 15mm!
She holds my bank-card,car-insurance-card,etc.
In the clear,top-opening-envelopes I have some stamps,receipts+band aids ;o)

                                                      Taking apart the lovely binder.....  ;oD

                                 Size-comparison!! Pocket Mia Cara,pocket Chameleon + Mini Chameleon!
                                 Size Comparison!!Medium Compagna + pocket Mia Cara ;o))

                                                  The leather smells sooooooo yummie!!!!
                                        I really love that cute planner,even it takes a LOT more space in my handbag ;o))