Freitag, 29. März 2013

Malden: Leather comparison...

There is one question popping up again and again....Maybe these few pics will help...?
These are my A5 Maldens,in ochre,purple and vintage pink.The grey+crimson ones are mostly like the vintage pink...means: Not so smooth,more crinkely ;o)

                                               I took these pics in the bright sunlight+snow ;o)

I must admit...the ochre is the nicest leather.It smells GREAT.
The purple Malden is the most beautiful+smooth,but it has this "noise-causing-fabric"inside ;o)
The vintage pink is a bit more crinkly in the finish,but it still shows NO scratches at all!!
The ochre Malden...I never really used it right now...gets scratched just by looking at it ;o)


  1. The Vintage Pink is similar in leather to the Grey Malden and Crimson, likewise very scratch resistant. The Purple I think is similar to Black, very shiny a 'hard' finish. Ochre is the most natural finish, have you tried the 'wet finger and rub' scratch removal method.. works for me...


  2. Dear Steve :o) When I ever make it to a London-meetup,I will bring all of my scratched Maldens to you :o)) The scratches won`t disappear,when I do that...maybe it is worth a try ;o)

  3. Vintage Pink looks nice from here. Plum's second.

    I ordered a Chameleon from Denmark, in raspberry. I'm *so* on the edge of my seat right now. I hope it all works out!