Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

My new Work-Filo:Holborn Zip A5 :o)

Let me introduce you to my "Home-Office",the A5 Zippy-Holborn :o))
It holds a lot of stuff,with its 30mm rings and several pockets!I moved all my stuff from my A5 Finchley to this really nice binder - and it fits much better ;o)
The Finchley is still employed,as my "job-calendar-storage-binder"....

                                                       Zippy the Zip zips easily ;o))
                                                        nice stitching,nice spine ;o)
I love the inside-pockets A LOT!!!!It has no pocket on the right side of the creditcard-slots...
But you can fit a lot of stuff in the pocket on the left :o)

.....LOOOOOVE that pen :o) it`s a Pelikan...
I finally got me the "monthly view"from the italian website *juhuuuu*
This calendar works BEST for my needs!
The "to-do-list"is a very important thing,especially in my Job-Filo...!

                                                         "poor but sexy" *LOL*
                                                Prescriptions of my Patients...
                                          Another pocket to get stuffed,on the right side...
                                          plus a hidden zip-pocket ;o)


  1. Your FF looks realy ...comfortable to use! A lot of pockets and space! Love it!

  2. YES!It feels sooooo phantastic!And it takes A LOT!!!

  3. Glad you're enjoying Zippy & I also own one of these :)
    Great binder & I find it so handy for popping papers in, zipping up & it's all ready to pick up from where I left off!

  4. lovely as always, chrissie :) enjoy!

  5. I want to buy one... can you tell me where to find one?!!?