Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Spring Green A5 Chameleon - "The Kids-Filo"

Oh,oh....I will NEVER be able to sell this one again...
I was looking for a Spring Green Chameleon in A5,postet it on facebook and had a "WANTING"on the Philofaxy-adspot."Filo-Manie"-Renate sent me an email,when this one popped up on Ebay - and some fb-people did also.It popped up on Ebay UK and the seller didn`t answer my questions tooooo quick,so I wasn`t sure if he will ship to Germany....but 
lovely Alison/facebook wrote me,that she is willing to make the deal for me,if the seller won`t ship to Germany.
But he did!
MAAAAANY pictures ;o)
                      Unbelievable: This once was an unwanted christmas-gift..............
                      The leather is sooooo smooth...soooooo beautiful!!! :o)

 Kids passports....
 I found this pretty paperpad....the brand is "fancy pants"
 The to-do-list for kids-stuff ;o)

 Information-sheets from Noahs Kindergarten....

 Tammo`s section,where I can write down some teeth...when he got sick...first words...

                                      Noah`s section :o))

 Noahs "bank-account" ;o) stuffed into one of my nice selfmade pockets :o))

                      If Tammo gets a bankaccount I need a second binder...Noah likes an orange one ;o))
In the pocket on the left side I have the books of the kids,that they need for doctors-appointments

I was sooooo inspired...hope you enjoyed ;o)