Freitag, 5. April 2013

My beautiful Personal Osterley :o)

 Let me introduce you to a WONDERFUL binder : TADADADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA:
                                   The beautiful,grey Personal Osterley :o))
                                     link to my video :o)

                   The Pattern is like a hundred of mirrors...sooo shiny and glossy :o))
                      It feels smooooth...a little sturdy,but not stiff...just PERFECT!!

                                       Don`t really like the Frixions there :o/ but I need them ....
                                          "you are sooo me..." :o))
                                          I really love those pockets!Chosen a postcard-theme this time...
                                         Month on two pages for my/kids appointments ...
                                            yearly planniing.....
                                          and my working-scedule :o)

                                           And the wonderful pockets on the right side :o)

I tried to find me a plum Osterley with the same smooth and glossy pattern,when they were "on sale"on,but I returned them all.The pattern looked so it is fake leather.I tried it for 2 times.The first had scratches on the rings...the second 2 gaps.Plus the sort of fake leather.
I was really sad,because I was soo lucky finding them for that price...84 Pounds!But I think they just sold Germany we call it "B-Ware".

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