Freitag, 8. März 2013

Balmoral A5 update

This one has grown right into my heart...
It is getting smoother from day to day!
I am planning my blog-posts in that binder...
it keeps the letters from my Filofax pen pals :o))
Everything that has to do with Filofaxes - writing,planning,dreaming - lives inside this beautiful Balmoral!

                                         I love,love,love the big rings :o))

It is getting a little stuffed now :o)


  1. Is it funny that I read your posts in your beautiful accent? I hope this doesn't offend you as I am a big fan of yours and your Filofaxes and enjoy your videos as well. Your accent is lovely and I do mean it. :)

  2. wish they were still available somewhere!! love your binder, chrissie. It's super!