Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

The Personal Aston in orchid colour :o)

Since month I am trying to get happy with the personal size,instead of the A5 size...
I never believed it would be is harder than I ever thought ;o))
Because I am missing space.
Because every binder that I tried has something that I won`t get familiar with :o%
Hmmm...I thought it might be a good idea to get colourful instead of spacy ;o)
So,I tried the Aston in Personal size :

The Aston has a very soft leather...
Since I use my Personal Malden for my job,I miss that special pocket!My Malden keeps 2 Frixion-pens inside the zip-pocket,and a ballpen in the penloop....

The pink stiching is very pretty and I love the colour!

This is what I am always talking about :
The A5 Prescriptions/recipes of my Patients,for the Physiotherapy,that I have to carry around with me (not just one...)

In this pocket they get easily damaged...

My perfect system - I have another vertical calendar/business-range for the Personal size,that ö still in my purple Malden ;o)
My absolut perfect system is the vertical/A5!

A real nice,flexible pocket!

A beautiful binder  :o)


  1. Hallo Chrissie,

    ich mag den Kalender den Du benutzt. Ist das eine Herlitz Einlage? Die Idee mit dem Washitape finde ich super schön! Du benutzt mehrere Filos oder? Ganz liebe Grüße

  2. Huhu!Nein,die Kalender-Einlage ist von Brunnen - und nicht wirklich empfehlenswert,da die Löcher sehr schnell einreißen.Die Einlagen von Filofax sind besser,und auch die Einlagen von Chronoplan!
    Ja,ich wechsel meine Filos quasi wöchentlich,je nach Laune :o)Ich besitze allerdings auch nur 2,für die ich den regulären Preis gezahlt habe ;o)

  3. The Aston in Orchid is lovely. I had it in my possession a while back but only for a mere few days. We just didn't click. There were no sparks so, sadly, I sent it back to Filofax. I wish there was something there because it looks so pretty in pictures.

  4. That is the one I got for my mom for Christmas. I liked it so much I bought the chocolate brown. I mailed your letter a few days ago.

  5. I LOVE my Aston in Orchid! The color is just PERFECT for me! I do wish there was another pen loop and possibly a full length pocket on the left like the Holborn so I could easily carry cash in it, etc... but overall I love it!