Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

A pretty match :o)

I really love it,when two different kind of binders
matches soooo good!!
THIS is my favorite match:
The A5 Malden keeps EVERYTHING incl.5-6 pens.
The pocket Chameleon as my favorite pocketsize swallows a lot of cards and money.The only paper it has to keep,to make me smile happily:My shoppinglist :o))
The Spring Green colour is soooo beautiful....!
Right now the Malden is still waiting for a job : It will be my music-binder,keeping all my lyrics ...

Shhhhhhhhhhh...!Don`t wake them up ;o)
Huh...I just can`t wait for the A5 Sring Green to arrive :o)


  1. Oh Chrissie,
    you're right: the two belong together!!!
    I think I'll use them in springtime together - the A5 Malden Ochre for work and the Personal Chameleon Spring Green privately...

  2. Why is it that there are some filofax models I have never liked ( that green one ) until you photograph them and suddenly I am rushing to eBay ?

  3. @ Maus - oh...a Personal size in Sprin Green*sigh*...wish they made a compact in S.G. ;o)

    @ Helen - Hehehe...I was sneaking around this spring green pocketsize in the Internet...for weeks!!Then I decided to buy it,for a suuuuper nice price ;o) and fell in love.I moved in right away!Also found an A5 in that colour...but that is another coming up post ;o)