Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Filofax Ascot...going vintage ;o))

Since I own an A5 Ascot,I wanted to add a personal Ascot to my collection.
For a long time I stalked the Ascots on Ebay....this one was meant to be mine!!

                                      It popped up on just wanted it !!!
                                      The penloop on this one is very tight!
                                                The pattern is gorgeous,in this colour!

                                Filofax should create new planners,with pockets like THIS!!!
                                (or the Balmoral ;o)) )

I am such a happy bunny!!The Ascots are made of such a nice leather...I LOVE the pocket-layout...
The only thing that I am missing: The big backpocket,that the Gillios have ;o))


  1. Chrissie - looooove your taste in binders.
    And yes - the big pockets should be standard requirements.

  2. Hallo Chrissie, Du siehst mich blass vor Neid. Was für ein schönes Stück. Ich nutze ja nur Personal, habe aber einem Pocket Ascot braun auch nicht widerstehen können. Traumhaft und das Leder duftet ganz toll, obwohl er schon ein Oldie ist. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dem Goldstück.

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