Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Falling in love...with a Gillio Firenze :o))

It all began in April,when we started our shopping-tour after we finished our first Filofax-meetup..
We had a coffee (or two,or three...)at "Die Kaffee Rösterei" in Hamburg.In the same house (Levantehaus) they have a nice shop,called "Dössel und Rademacher",who have a small collection of very nice binders: Filofaxes,Succes and Gillio!I fell in love with a medium sized Gillio,but ....uuuuh...the price :o/
When I got home I googled them...oh,oh,oh...but I resisted...until Mella (one of our fb-members+youtuberin) posted a video about her planner: A medium sized Croco-Compagna *sigh*...that`s where all the craziness began!!The guys from Gillio contacted Mella,she spend a day in their shop....filmed a video,showing us 9 different planners - and we got a promotion code!!25% off!!YAY!!!
I knew that I MUST get one of these beautiful,gorgeous binders...but croco or non-croco??So I went to "Dössel und Rademacher" again.They had 3 medium sized Compagna there: Honey/Croco,brown and black non-croco.It was a hard desicion.....I decided to get one that already captured my heart in Mellas video: A black/brown Compagna.I emailed Gillio several times (hehehe),chatted with them - and finally Tom sent me an email saying :"Yes you will get THE Gillio,that Mella showed in her video,it is still here!"JUHUUUUUUU!!!!


                                                      I love the rustique look of the leather.......

 It has just one penloop (elasticated!),but you can easily clip another pen to the clasp,because it has a lot of give ;o)

                                                ....such a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 A zipped pocket on the left,another full lenght pocket+ a small pocket for cards......
                                                                    A flap,or secreterial pocket!!!
A patch of leather to protect the inserts....oh and THE SMELL!!!!Aaaaaawe :o))
All the "parts of leather"inside this binder are gorgeous soft,just as this patch of leather!

                                                       Creditcardslots on the right side......................
                                              ..................another flap :o))
                                              A huuuuuge "wallet-pocket"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                              You can EASILY fit A5 papers into that pocket :o))
                                   The ringsize is a bit bigger than the most Personal Filofaxes....
I moved in,with all of my old inserts,but the original inserts are gorgeous,too!Think they might be worth another post,when I had time to get used to them ;o)

                                 this one is made to be stuffed :o))
                                                        I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you "Gillio Firenze" made me finally sell all my "unloved"stuff,that filled up my cellar...because I will get a compagnon to the Compagna soon :o)

Oh...and my first video about it,a little chaotic ;o))


  1. I'm a bit surprised - You looked so in love with the yellow one back then. But this one is nice too.

    I'll move into Azul June 1, rain or shine. I sure hope his postcard cover won't appear like a mockery then...

    1. The yellow one is gorgeous,but I prefer the more natural leather,especially for using it at work ;o)

  2. I absolutely love that planner - the leather looks amazing!!
    I had a look at their site but couldn't decide what colour to buy.
    Do you know what is the ring size?

    1. The leather IS gorgeous!!So amazing soft and supple :o)
      You can chat with the Gillio people,or send them an email,if you are not sure about the colour.If you are already a member of our fb-group (Filofax for Philofaxy Fans)there were some pics posted where people had shown the colour samples!The pics on their webside a sometimes not what they really look like ;o) The Gillio-crew sended me photos of 3 different colour...very nice!!
      The ringsize...bigger than the usual Filofax-Personal-ringsize,but no 30mm....

  3. Your planner is simply gorgeous! Congratulations! I see why it is a best seller. There is something very classic and striking about having the contrast between colors. Thanks so much for sharing such great pictures.

  4. Oh Chrissie, this is sooooo beautiful! Love your video for it too ... Just wondered if you're thinking of selling your spring green A5 chameleon ;) ?? I am lusting after one and can't find anywhere?? x Sarah

    1. Hey Sarah!No,not the Spring Green,but an aqua A5 Chameleon...and different Personals ;o)

  5. I bought the exact same planner! I'm waiting for mine to arrive - I'm in Charlotte NC. Everyday I get on the internet to track my package. Looking at your lovely photos makes me happy that I chose the Black/brown combo. I was torn between the Croco Blue and this one.

    1. Hey Leslie!Good choice!!You can never go wrong with that ;o))I am in love,love,love!!!

  6. What a thing of beauty! I can see why people love them, and if only money were no object..... Perhaps I should do the Lottery and hope to win ;o)

  7. I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! You can find more information on my blog:

  8. Thanks to your YouTube video, I had to buy this planner! It arrived today and is gorgeous! The leather feels sooooo wonderful and the planner is much more beautiful in person than on the pictures that they have on their website, don't you think??? Beautiful! Thank you for enabling me! ;-)

  9. Ohhhh Chrissie!!!
    Seit Mellas fantastischen Videos und dann noch dem Rabatt mache ich gedanklich an dem Compagna in dieser wunderschönen bicolor Kombination rum... seufz!
    Und dann veröffentlichst du auch noch so einen tollen Post mit diesen WUNDERSCHÖNEN Fotos... herrlich!!!
    Jedenfalls habe ich es jetzt gestern getan!!! Ich habe ihn bestellt!!! :-O
    Ich muss allerdings bis Ende Juli warten, bis die nächsten hergestellt sind... SEUFZ! :-o
    GLG, Ena

  10. Wow, thanks for sharing this beauty!

    Just to let you know that I have finally answered your blog award questions on my blog today, & thanks again for your nomination :)

  11. Loved your tower of power video. Got the A5 black orange epoca and it is lovely.

    1. Oh,how niiice is that??Do you have a blog?Can I see some pics somewhere??

  12. Oh, how I want a Gillio now! Yours looks fabulous!