Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Sexy red Filofax:The Personal Malden in crimson :o))

Oh,oh...the facebook-group is not good for me :o))
Sweet Karine posted pics of her crimson Malden - and it blew me away!!!I couldn`t think about anything but her "Carl Malden".I just couldn`t believe,that she cheated him after a short time with her new purple Malden ;o))
Sooo...I was on fire :o)
Finally I found this one :

                                                        The colour is sooooo beautiful!!!

                                           My current setup :o)
                                          I have chosen this beautiful Vogue-postcard-theme :o)
                                          First section : Personal information ;o)
                                            2.section : Different calendars!
                                          And for the first time I ordered this 4-color pen...and LOVE it!!
                                           My working-scedule....
                                            For privat appontments I use the month on 2 pages...
                                             Yearly planning for hollidays...
                                                 And the week on two pages :o)

                                           This pretty Lady will lead me to my to-do-section...
                        ...because of  the magnetic bookmark I`ll get to this section with my eyes closed ;o)
                                                The notes-section :o)

                                          And the adress-section...
                                          ...some gift-cards and a paper-pad...
                                                      This binder looks soooooo yummie!!!!
There should have been a blogpost about the red Personal Amazona  today,but after using it for several weeks,I moved into the crimson Malden,just when it arrived - and forgot to do the photo-shooting first...
But it will show up soon :o))                                                  




  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! :)

    You can check my blog out at

  2. I love Crimson Maldens!!! I'm giving mine a spring vacation just for the summer, but I know I'll be back come September. Go enjoy!

    1. Yes,it is soooo beautiful!!I wish they were made in A5,too!I wish you a wonderful vacation ;o))

  3. What gorgeous photos, they really do the Malden justice :)
    Crimson Maldens rock! I sold one when I upgraded to A5 (silly me), but am so relieved to be back in one now.