Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

The RIGHT personal size :o)

After choosen the wrong personal sized binder,I thought that the personal size is simply not my size.
That I was mistaking was coming up,when I melted away by seeing the Malden personal in ochre colour.
I - just - needed - it !!!
I don´t have to make it fit to my needs - the Malden fullfilled my needs right away *swooooosh*
It is soooo adorable :o))
I stuffed it to the brim...bought me a Hamburg map(that I always wanted...),got me a buisiness-range-calender...made new deviders,which I laminated.
I love the zip-pocket on the left side,because there is NO penloop in the way*juhuuuu*

I found some beautiful things from "Rosina Wachtmeister": The ballpen,the magnetic-clip...
And it matches my Chameleon soooo gooood!


  1. I love the dividers. How did you make them?

  2. The "normal" deviders are made of scrapbookpaper.I used a Filofax-devider as a template,laminated and punched it.If you mark the hole with a "x",you remove the cover from the puncher so you can exactly see the "x´s"and you punch it on the right spot(if you don`t have a special hole-puncher ;o) ).
    The ones with the pocket...I just tried&tried...folded usual paper(again I took a FF-devider as a template),til I managed to fold it that I just have to stick the small end (to the 2nd ring).The paper I used for that has just A5 size,so ...it should have been more closed to the top.

  3. P.S.In my newest post about "Miss Piggy"you can see one of the templates for the deviders with a pocket.It is still opened,so I guess You will get how I made it ;o)

  4. What a lovely fat Malden & thanks for sharing :)
    The ochre is such a great colour too.
    Happy new year!

    1. Anita-happy new year for you,too :o)
      A Malden has to be fat,or am I wrong ;o))