Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

My youtube videos :o)

In  Novembre 2012 I made my first youtube video.
I was really surprised,how many videos existing,about Filofaxes!Soooo...because I am not shy,I decided to give it a try!
My very first try was a ... desaster :o))I filmed with my tablet-pc,not knowing,that it is possible to film and watch myself on the screen,too!So...I talked and filmed,and talked...and made kind of a "breast-video"!!Without face,just the very top of the Filofax *lalala*
In Germny we say : "Frauen und Technik" ;o))

The first one was about the Finchley A5,the Holborn,the pocket Malden and pocket Finchley...
And while I recorded the "breast-video",my Babycat Coco was sitting on the shelf behind me and touseled my hair....

I filmed another one about the Malden A5 "Miss Piggy" and the A5 Chameleon....

And one about the cute little pocket Chameleon

Personal Malden on stage :o))

Hope you`ll enjoy!


  1. Chrissie! Breast video?? I had to laugh out loud! I love your videos and I absolutely love listening to you! You have such a beautiful voice and accent and I love your mannerisms! Keep the video's coming!

  2. Oh, Chrissie, is this post a special present for me?!

    1. Hahaha...yeah,looks as though ;o) Welcome to my universe :o))