Montag, 24. September 2018

A new Gillio-colour: Athracite epoca!!

Hello planner-people!

It is time for a big photo-blogpost,because Gillio-HQ were so nice to ask us to test this colour,before the release-day,on Monday 24.Sept.2018.

I was very exited,because they asked us without spilling the beans about what colour it might be!

I will also add photos of 2 other Gillio colours,for comparison: The grey mat croco medium Compagna and the acidgreen slim Compagna.I think those colours go soooo well together!

The colour is absolutely beautiful:Not too dark and not to light in shade.
It goes so well with each colour...I love the pink pen inside!
Also it is a classy colour,which also the men in our planner-community will fall in love with!
It wears as beautifully,as the other epoca colours.
It might be perfect for people who are afraid of the DOT (dark on tab),because of the darker shade of epoca ;o)
Mine shows no signs of use.A scratch I rubbed out completely.
It got more squishy and supple during the time I used it.
Oh - and it smells very yummi!!

This colour will be released in the medium Compagna,pocket Compagna,A6 Appunto,Slim Appunto and A5 Appunto!
You will also find a review on "Travellers Notebook Times",as well as in our facebook group :"Gillio Firenze Fan Group"!

It also matches my cat perfectly (who stamped Noahs homework,btw.)....

Aaaaall set up and ready to rumble....

With all the Physio-prescriptons inside,that I need all the week....


....epoca-porn :-D

I totally love,how well those colours go together: Acidgreen,anthracite and grey croco mat!


I hope you enjoyed this post!
And a big THANK YOU to Gillio,for allowing me to have this stunning colour in my collection now!

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