Freitag, 16. September 2016

Gillio-inginging...Giramondo,Slim Compagna and A6 Compagna!

Hey planner-peeps!

Be prepared...this post will turn into a Gillio- photo-overload.....

I haven`t written here for a longer time,because life was so busy + our 2 facebook-groups kept me busy as well :o)
I was also a tiny bit tired of blogging,because I am still using the same calendar-inserts (never change a running system!) and stuck with the medium Compagnas,which I have shown here over and over!
But.....BUT...!I spent quiet a long time in the traveller`s notebook....ok,Gillios answer to the traveller`s notebook: The Giramondo.
I loved it to pieces!!The only downside for me: I added too much....I carried one booklet,including the monthly booklet for the weekly booklet for booklet to track the km I have to drive,for my booklet for lists...a clear pouch....the creditcard-insert....selfmade/crafted inserts....UH!!!That thing grew a serious brick of a planner!Holy Cannoli!

I needed to downsize,to comfort my shoulders (hey....I am a Physiotherapist!!).
I got me a Slim-Compagna.14mm internal ring-diameter.
I fell in love.Deeply.
I was able to fit everything I needed...ok,I had to buy me a corner-rounder (is this the right word?),to make sure,that the pages would turn a bit easier....oh,and one of my facebook-friends was so kind (hi Julia L.!)to send me the monthly spread on Tomoe River Paper,which is really thin!
I stayed inside the Slim for a while.....then I took the plunge and got me the last gold A6 Gillio Compagna,which was just released that time.
I needed new inserts.Mulberry was my key to that.A perfect fit for me!
Honestly...I don`t remember,how long I used the A6 Compagna....maybe a month...or one and a half.I went back to the slim Compagna and stayed inside it for a loooooong time.
A trip to Dössel&Rademacher in Hamburg,made me cheat on the Slim Compagna.They had SOME Gillio planners there....beautiful...gorgeouss....and overwhelming.I LOVE to choose my planner by holding them in my hands!
I got me 4 new planners!!The medium Compagna in rust and grey.One pocket Compagna in grey,and one Slim Compagna in pink epoca leather.I just kept the 2 grey planners. cannot keep them all.....maybe if I find me a good-looking-Millionaire,who wants to spoil me *hehehe*!
Back in the medium Compagna.....there was no way back.Not now.Maybe in some month.
In the meantime the peeps went crazy over the Hobonichi-planners.I just rolled my eyes....felt so save!
Jep.That was one and a half month ago........*hehehe*!
As you see.....there is always a good reason,to get another Gillio.

Gillio Giramondo

 The A6 Compagna!

 Giramondo vs.Slim Compagna!

 Giramondo in gold,Slims in gold,orange and pink,medium Compagna in rust...on top a pocket Compagna in grey!

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