Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

London-meeting :o))

Oh,I am sooooo exited!!!!
Mella (Gillio-Mella...the most enabling person in this whooooole wide universe...) enabled me to make a real short trip to London in September!!!YAY!!!I kinda jumped on the train - and it will be my first time since 4 years,that I will be away from home,without my children :o)) Okay,it is a short one...I will fly friday morning and will return on saturday,late evening...but I am EXITED to meet all those people that seem sooooo familar to me!!!Just can`t wait :o))


  1. Oh ich freue mich für dich... das wird bestimmt ein super Trip!

    1. Oh,JAAAA!!!Ich freue mich schon riiiesig :o))