Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019

Galen Leather at the penshow in Hamburg!

Hello my dear planner-buddies!

Today was the first time,that I visited a penshow - and it was phantastic.
I was so overwhelmed,that I totally forgot to take pictures!!!
A few days before I already contacted my dear facebook-friend Kasia Michalowska-Stier,who is restoring and selling vintage fountain pens.
You might want to check out her website,if you are into fountain pens:
You can also find her in the international fountain pen groups on facebook.
She had her booth up there and I bought one of her wonderful pens....I would have bought more than 2,but I need to win the lottery first :-D

Galen Leather also had a booth up there!
How often did I visit their shop in the past,or drooled over pics on IG,especially their pencases.
And here you go:
(please excuse my fingers...this was an inky afternoon!!)

 This small 5-pen-case fits so beautifully into my hand!
The name of this finish: Crazy horse brown!

Pens from left to the right:Vintage Conklin,vintage Pelikan,Waterman,Montegrappa and Swan/Mabie Todd.The Montegrappa is the only pen I bought new.The other 4 I bought from Kasia!

I inserted an old Hobonichi,just for notes ;-)

A Stalogy A6 will also fit,but the zipper feels a bit stretched out.

I could bite my butt,that I did not also purchased their beautiful A5 zipped folio in green,but then someone has to call the ambulance,lol!
It was such a nice surprise for me,to find this super-cute pencase!
Here is the link to their website:

Take care,dear friends :-D

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