Montag, 30. September 2013

Gillio A5 Compagna!

While my Filofax-collection keeps Gillio-collectin keeps on growing :oD
I love their types of leather: The Crocos feel sooooo phantastic and look soooo gorgeous - and the Epoca-leather smells like a saddle,feels so soft and squishy....
Now...let me introduce you to my first Gillio in A5 size *DRUMROLL*


                                             The colour is hard to describe...just beautiful :o))
                                             Look at this gorgeous pattern.....*sigh*

                                                 It came with silver matte rings.....
                                           ....many,many pockets....very useful ;o)

                                          The rings are slightely bigger than usual Filofax ringsize.
                                          They are a bit wider,but have the same height: They are oval ;o)

                                                 ...calendar inserts......
                                                another secretarial pocket on the right side.....
                                           ....where you can easily fit a paperpad in ;o))
                                       lovely pen is matching this colour sooo well :oD
                                           comparison to my A5 Osterley/grey :o)

                                   comparison to my Mia Cara in medium size :o))

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  1. Hi Chrissie,
    I just love your YT videos :-)
    Do you still have any A5 Filofaxes for sale ?
    Kind regards
    Bettina in DK